We are facilitators

"We do not invest in startups, but we connect them with investors and potential clients," we say. This is an example we use to define the work to which we are daily committed: to facilitate access to investment, mentors, strategic partners and potential customers.

Much more than desks, chairs and 4 walls Startup Lisboa promotes contacts with partners and potential customers. It is undoubtedly the epicenter of the new entrepreneurship ecosystem in Portugal. In addition, the dynamic, the people we know, the credibility and the projection that gives to our business makes of Startup Lisboa a great place to consolidate an idea and make it a serious company with global ambitions.
— Gonçalo Fortes, Co-founder PRODSMART

We encourage the founders to look for what's best around the world to maximize their chances of growth and keeping their link to Portugal. Some incubated startups have teams abroad boosting their growth, including taking part in accelerators. Six teams are part of Seedcamp community, two are YCombinator alumni, for instance, and we're proud of it.

As a private non-profitable association, our mission is to support the creation of companies and entrepreneurs in their first years of activity, to promote jobs creation and to support the urban, social and economic vitality of Lisbon's city center.