Our history

Startup Lisboa is a business incubator that began its activity on February 2, 2012, with the opening of its first building on Rua da Prata, 80, in Lisbon's historical downtown. Founded in 2011 by the Municipality of Lisbon, bank Montepio and IAPMEI (Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation), was born of the will of the citizens, having been one of the most voted ideas in the 2009/2010 Participatory Budget. 
It is a private non-profit association whose mission is to to support the creation of companies and entrepreneurs in their first years of activity, to promote job creation, and to support the urban, social, and economic vitality of Lisbon's city center.
Startup Lisboa is also the organizer of Launch in Lisbon - a 3 day soft landing program to set up your business in Lisbon, and the manager of Hub Criativo do Beato.

How do we help startups?
Startup Lisboa "is anything but an office center”. We facilitate the access to investment, mentors, strategic partners and potential customers.
There are two models of incubation: physical and virtual; In both models, our support structure includes mentoring, linking to strategic partners, access to investment/funding, networking and learning activities, communication and a community based on knowledge and sharing. "Our community is our greatest asset."


Since 2012:
3800 applications received
270 supported startups
Entrepreneurs from more than 35 countries
1500 jobs created
80M Investment raised by startups
2 historic buildings rehabilitated in downtown with work spaces
1 residence for entrepreneurs (Casa Startup Lisboa)
1 business lounge at Lisbon's Airport (Airport Business Center)

Our Culture


When we talk about the 5 years of Startup Lisboa, we have to speak forcibly of all the people who through Startup Lisboa have passed and will continue to pass.
Teams, entrepreneurs, mentors, partners, friends ... The true success of Startup Lisboa is in the people with whom we have been privileged to work!
We are born of the will of people, we grow with the contribution of people, we work to support people.
So, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 5 years of Startup Lisbon, we celebrat people!


The Movie


After five years of incubation, our biggest result, what we wanted to highlight, is the companies that were born here or that went through here to develop their innovative business. What a company really does is its customers, they dictate the success of startups, and its investors, who bet on the companies and give credibility to the project and the ecosystem. In this sense, we want to give voice to the clients or investors of some of our Alumni and incubated older.
Five years later, there is a long future for entrepreneurship in Lisbon, and we continue to select and support the best projects and the most promising teams. In that sense, in a second part of the film, we make the shift for the new ones of the house, for some of the newest or emerging startups that we believe in, and thus give voice to its founders.


European Enterprise Promotion Award 2013 by European Commission
People’s Choice Award for Best Accelerator or Incubators in Europe by London Web Summit
Partner of the year 2013 by Portugal Ventures