About this project:

Nowadays, smart technologies rely on big amounts of data to learn, but most of the times, such data is not available or it is very poor.

Heptasense is the first Artificial Intelligent software that does not rely on big data training procedures, allowing the systems to learn and understand Human Patterns and be easily customized for their needs. It works similar to the brain, which makes Heptasense capable of detecting Human Patterns from different sensor inputs - agnostic to cameras, motion sensors, radar, touchscreens, muscle signals.

Heptasense is currently working on three B2B fields:

- Gesture control: recognizing and translating hand gestures into actions, for VR/AR, infotainment, automotive and more;

- Motion tracking: tracking each part of the Human body in real-time for games and sports analysis;

- Crowd analysis: evaluating and analyzing what a crowd or individual people do (walking, eating, holding a gun) on a particular space, like in stores, banks, and airports, for real-time notifications and cloud analytics.


Ricardo Filipe de Almeida Santos


Mauro Filipe Monteiro Peixe





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