The conference “Blockchain powered by Startup Lisboa“ will be half-day dedicated to the blockchain ecosystem, designed both for newcomers that want to learn about the subject and professionals from all industries who wish to deep dive into the technology and its possibilities for business.


           September 20




14:00 Check-in
14:30 Welcome
14:40 Talk: Blockchain What is and what's not?
15:00 Talk: Layers & Players
15:30 Talk: Blockchain Past, present and future - the sleeping giant
16:00 Round-table: Cryptos & ICOs: which impact on businesses?
16:30 Coffee break
16:50 Talk: How value is created in Tokenized Assets
17:10 Talk: Disrupting the Future with Smart Contracts
17:45 Round-table: The Real Mission: Wealth Decentralization
18:15 Networking cocktail
19:00 End



A set of notable speakers, both international and coming from the Portuguese ecosystem, mixing academic professors, industry leaders and blockchain entrepreneurs.


More speakers coming soon...


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Auditório da Sede da Ordem dos Engenheiros – Região Sul
Avenida António Augusto de Aguiar, 3-D, 1069-030 Lisboa