Imaginary Cloud launches “Product Design Process”


Imaginary Cloud launches Product Design Process, a book that explores “the process that changed the way digital products are built”.

A manual for digital product design based on a multidisciplinary approach that unites product owners, designers, developers and managers. It focuses on exceptional User Experience and Interaction design, but also in keeping costs and benefits balanced, avoiding wasting resources and betting on a rapid market launch.

book_mockup (1).png

Tiago Franco and Beatriz Costa launch their first book, Product Design Process - The Manual for Digital Product Design and Project Management. The book counts with the collaboration of Maria Grilo that delivered the beautiful design and illustrations.

The Product Design Process is a manual to take the development of digital products to the next level, accessible to any professional in the field. It consists of twelve steps that guarantee software development in a record time, explained and illustrated by Imaginary Cloud, that created a process based with their almost 10 years of experience (and hundreds of projects later...).

Tiago Franco holds a degree in Electric Engineering, a master degree in Software Engineering and a postgraduate degree in Project Management. Worked as researcher at CERN and developed software for the European Space Agency. Tiago is currently CEO of Imaginary Cloud.

Beatriz Costa studied Graphic Design and Multimedia and has a postgraduate degree on Cognitive Science. Worked as an interaction designer in France and currently works in UX design at Imaginary Cloud in Portugal.

Maria Grilo studied Communication Design in Lisbon and Bolzano. Worked as a designer in Munich for three years before returning to Portugal to join Imaginary Cloud as a UI designer.

Founded in 2010, Imaginary Cloud is a digital products design and development company. Based in Lisbon and with offices in London. It delivers software for clients on a global level.