Startup Lisboa launches Pitch Slam nights

Startup Lisboa launches the Pitch Slam evenings, a nightly meeting point to be held each month (first Thursdays of the month) for the community of entrepreneurs in Lisbon to exchange ideas, to practice the best pitch and receive informal feedback from the audience.

The first Pith Slam night will take place during the Entrepreneurship Week of Lisbon, May 4th, at 10 pm - 12 am (midnight), at Bar - Pestana CR7 Lisboa (Rua da Prata, 26). Can you imagine a better place to partner with Startup Lisboa? Next to our offices and inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Pestana CR7 Lisboa (Rua da Prata, 26)

Pestana CR7 Lisboa (Rua da Prata, 26)

Startup Lisboa draws inspiration from the Poetry Slam tradition to bring to the entrepreneurial universe a monthly event when community members gather in a Lisbon bar and are invited to take the stage and practice their pitch. In Pitch Slam what matters is the performance and ability of story telling.

There will be no jury judging the business model or the feasibility of the idea; it is rather a networking moment and the opportunity to create a culture of sharing and open microphone to train what we think is a structuring factor of success and that entrepreneurs are often lacking: their ability, as a performer, to make a pitch that actually sells their business idea.

Anyone interested in pitching should register on the spot. Participation is limited to the hourly capacity of the event and is processed on a first-come, first-served basis.