Valispace​ selected by Airbus for technology​ ​roadmapping​ ​activities

Moving fast: concurrent design with Valispace at AIRBUS

Valispace has been selected by Airbus, to provide a collaborative engineering software for their technology roadmapping activities. Valispace is a browser-based collaborative engineering software, in which engineers create the product they are designing. 
All values and formulas of the different disciplines are connected, so that changes in one engineering discipline directly ripple through to the complete design. It allows for an agile and cost-saving hardware engineering process along the complete product lifecycle. Valispace is easy to integrate into an engineering workflow thank to interfaces with Word, Excel, MATLAB and other tools.

At Airbus, Valispace is used to make data-driven decisions about which technology and research to invest in. Different technologies from a portfolio are linked to each other, highlighting future synergies and opportunities. Technology evolutions are predicted, compared and evaluated, and products are mapped to this roadmap. As a result, evidence based R&D funding decisions can be made and market observation and technical follow-up can be performed in real-time with minimum effort.

“Concurrent engineering software such as Valispace is key to ensure that engineering teams understand and manage all interdependencies within multidisciplinary studies of complex hardware products”, explains Marco Witzmann, co-founder and CEO of Valispace. “We are very happy to have been selected by Airbus for their technology roadmapping activities and are confident that with our software they will be able to manage the planning for the upcoming decades of the Airbus technology portfolio. The key advantage we provide is the increased efficiency and speed with which technical and strategic teams operate. With our software, technology trade-offs, impact analysis and prototypical comparisons of hardware designs take days instead of months.”

Valispace is a browser-based software that enables engineers to collaboratively design better complex hardware products. To learn more, visit