Qamine becomes Codacy and announces investment


After months of development we’re very excited to be releasing the next milestone of our journey through software testing.

From Qamine, we’ve become Codacy which is the result of months of listening to developers and trying to understand their pains. We’re also very proud to announce the closing of our investment round.

We’ve partnered with Espírito Santo Ventures and Faber Ventures who will bring a huge amount of experience and now join Seedcamp who invested in us earlier this year. The combination of enterprise know-how, consumer focus and network outreach is amazing and we’re very fortunate to have such value adding investors join our vision.

We generalized our analysis and now we want to help you make your code better, faster. We’re on a mission to make your code reviews faster by removing boilerplate (such as code style checking) from your todo list.

Codacy works by having a collection of code patterns (code analysis algorithms such as making sure you remove your debug code from production releases) applied to every commit of your code repository.

For each commit, we give you a code grade so you can monitor your overall quality.

We are focused on three things:

. Curating a collection of code patterns;

. Maximizing the usefullness of each result;

. Making sure Codacy is important to every company added to the private beta.

We’re currently under private beta as to slowly scale the platform and ensure a good experience for everyone.

From everyone on the team, we’re thrilled to be doing what we’re doing.

Setting the controls for the heart of the sun.

By Jaime Jorge (