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Did you know there will be 900,000 unfilled tech jobs in Europe by 2020?

Ignore the recession talk – the tech sector is BOOMING but overall, most candidates don’t have the skills the market is desperate for.

Universities are pumping out less and less graduates, and the newly-qualified often hit the job market without the skills that are actually required of them.

Been working for a few years already? Guess what, if you haven’t kept learning new skills and building a modern portfolio, your value is decreasing with every year that goes by.


We’re really excited to unveil a new partnership with, the online education platform which allows you to learn how to/and build complex web applications. Make your own two-sided marketplace, social network and more using their project-based codecasts and building blocks.

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“For entry level positions, it’s the perfect way to get a head-start on other graduates and have on-the-job-quality skills before you get your feet under the desk. Even for those with experience, companies need skills that are useful for today, not a couple of years ago. Whether you’re a ‘career shifter’ or ‘career enhancer’, can help you get the technical knowledge and build the portfolio you need to get great jobs through,” said Tiago Martins, CEO of

“By partnering together, candidates on our platform are now able to access’s huge library of online tutorials at a fraction of the price, allowing them to skill up with dozens of flight hours in building their own complex projects – exactly the kind of self-initiative that employers are looking for,” said Pedro Oliveira, co-founder of

Keep your skills up to date, make your portfolio as sexy as it should be, and we’ll help you find your next best job.

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