Doppio Games launches The Vortex in Google Assistant!


The Vortex, Doppio’s debut, voice-first space adventure game, is available to play on the Google Assistant!

You can play the game as a completely voice-driven, audio-only experience on smart speakers like Google Home, or pair it with a fully-interactive visual experience when you play on smart displays like the Google Home Hub. You can even play on Android phones and tablets, or on iOS devices with the Google Assistant app installed. With all of these new devices at your disposal, it’s easier than ever to jump into the game, build your robotic team, and explore the mysteries of The Vortex!

Just click this link to get started! (Tip: tap the link on your phone and you should be launched right into the Google Assistant app, if you’ve got it installed!) This marks our first game for the Google Assistant!

Once you’ve played the game, feel free to send Doppio a feedback. And, as always, if you enjoy The Vortex, please leave a review!