Startup Lisboa DAY&NIGHT – Web Summit 2016

DAY&NIGHT, Startup Lisboa is the place to be! 
7,8,9 and 10th November – Rua da Prata, 80

During Web Summit, we will be here for you! Opened doors until 4am. 
DAY&NIGHT use our facilities in Baixa (historical downtown), to meet, hang out, drink or just relax before the next party!
Enjoy a cool and entrepreneurial environment right in the center of Lisbon, while tasting a beer from our alumni MUSA and Dois Corvos.
No registration needed, our Casa is your Casa, although, if you want to, say hi here and here:


Pick up the new apparel from Lisbon

We’re teaming up with portuguese fashion designers and creatives to offer the entrepreneurial community unique products from Lisbon powered by Startup Lisboa.
We have set up the first collection, created by the portuguese fashion designer Alexandra Moura, for you to take Lisbon backing home.
Visit our online store or, even better, shop directly at our facilities that will be open every day and every night of the Web Summit until 4am.
Looking for information to set up and develop your business in Lisbon?
Visit Lisbon’s exhibition stand

Startup Lisboa will be based at Lisbon’s exhibition stand (powered by Lisbon Municipality). We organized an office hours program to help entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world to get useful information about how to develop a business in Lisbon provided by some of our close partners and local players. See event!
Office Hours:

8th November

11am-1pm: Investment opportunities and legal framework (for investors) – André Matias (Albuquerque & Associados) + Luis Roquette Geraldes e Pedro Cruz Gonçalves (Team Genesis – MLGTS)
1pm-2pm: Moving to Portugal? Migration consultancy and settling services – Gilda Pereira and Inês Salvo (Ei! Assessoria ao E(i)migrante)
2pm-4pm: Incentives & Support policies (for companies) – Marta Miraldes (SBI Consulting/Startup Lisboa) + Cristina Gouveia (Horizon 2020)
16h-18h: Labour and Tax Law - Joana Maldonado Reis and Nuno Morgado (PLMJ)
9th November
11am-1pm: Establishing a company/Corporate Law – Diogo Damião (Telles de Abreu Advogados)
1pm-2pm: Moving to Portugal? Migration consultancy and settling services – Gilda Pereira e Inês Salvo (Ei! Assessoria ao E(i)migrante)
2pm-4pm: Licensing system – Patrícia Ribeiro e Ricardo Pita (Balcão Iniciativa Lisboa – Municipality of Lisbon)
4pm-6pm: Recruitment and Talent – Pedro Carmo Oliveira ( + Domingos Guimarães e Catarina Campino (Academia de Código)
10th November

11am-1pm: Real estate market opportunities in Lisbon– Rui Coelho (Invest Lisboa)
1pm-2pm: Moving to Portugal? Migration consultancy and settling services – Gilda Pereira e Inês Salvo (Ei! Assessoria ao E(i)migrante)
2pm-4pm: Who's who in Lisbon's entrepreneurial ecosystem – Margarida Figueiredo (DMEI – Municipality of Lisbon)
4pm-6pm: Startup Lisboa: Services and programs – Team Startup Lisboa


We all wish we could have the opportunity to do an elevator pitch to the right person, but how many times are we stuck in a elevator with the right people for this purpose? This Web Summit, Startup lisboa is giving you the opportunity to do it with Cuckuu and win the oportunity to enter directly to Startup Lisboa's community! 

Record a 30sec elevator pitch and send the video to and during the Web Summit join the cuckuus created by Startup Lisboa and see all the pitches. PLUS: the best pitch will win two cool t-shirts from our new merchandasing.


We can’t take our eyes of these Startups

After months of preparation and some anxiety, at last, WebSummit is about to start. Lisbon is writing a script with a hint of suspense that we believe will have a happy ending. A few years ago thinking about a technological event of this size in Portugal would be surreal. One of the many key factors for this change was the surprise victory of our alumni Codacy at the 2014's pitch contest (BETA); we believe it was a turning point (well recalled on this month's cover of Forbes Portugal, by the way).

Eyes on the Centre Stage at the opening day (7th nov): Miguel Santo Amaro (Uniplaces), Jaime Jorge (Codacy) together with João Vasconcelos (Secretary of State for Industry), will represent Portugal: Startup Nation.
Having as much purpose to show their projects, establish links and contacts, gain customers and attract investment are many startups from Startup Lisboa family that will be exhibiting and pitching:

Prodsmart and DefinedCrowd were chosen by Microsoft to be at the multinational’s exhibition stand.

ALPHA PITCH (exhibiting + pitch competition): DoinnHeptasenseLanding.jobsSpeakTripayaZaaskeSolidarGFoundryJunbiCuckuu e Prodsmart.

Exhibiting: AircourtsB-Parts, doDocFacestoreGetSocialGlexyzHole19Indie CampersMagnifinanceMobiagProdsmartSecuriboxLearningHubzYoochaiCodacyMuzzleyMygon.