Wine with a View


About this project:

Have a glass of a fabulous Portuguese wine while enjoying some of the best sights and monuments in Portugal!

Brand Concept

The new brand “Wine with a view” allies two rituals, creating a truly unique experience: to drink a glass of exceptional Portuguese wine, while enjoying splendid views. The core of the business is, of course, wine.

Coupled with this concept is the search for the best tourist hotspots, which offer a view over the most beautiful sceneries in our country. For its starting point, we have chosen the best view over Lisbon, the Castelo de São Jorge (Castle of Saint George)… the finest viewpoint over the most beautiful city in the world.

The Mission of Wine with a View is transforming the experience of contemplating and seizing the city, combining it with the pleasure of tasting a sample of a superb Portuguese wine.

 Its Values are:

– Quality

– Friendliness

– Professionalism

– Innovation

The Vision for Wine with a View is to become an expected presence in the main tourist hotspots in the country, elevating the senses and experience of our visitors.


Bárbara Vidal