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About this project:

RipATrip is a data-driven discovery guide with advanced filtering and customization. You tell us your ideal preferences for a trip; we’ll tell you the best places to go. Importantly, we prioritize data, rather than recommendations, to eliminate the guess work when planning a trip. RipATrip crunches millions of data points for your next trip so you don't have to.

Looking for the best place to score clean lines with waist deep powder in March? How about nuking winds, butter flat water, and kite-in kite-out accommodation within six hours travel time?

Maybe you’re not an adrenaline junkie. Search for a mountainous yoga retreat center that provides beginner Vinyasa Flow and vegan menu options. Perhaps a family friendly hiking destination that has breathtaking views, a moderate climate, and is close to the ocean. With RipATrip you can quickly and confidently find the best destinations for your preferences.

Launching first with kitesurfing and adding skiing/snowboarding soon after, our technology-enabled platform will cover 15+ outdoor travel pursuits.

No more weekend long Google searches and subpar travel experiences.

BUCKET-LIST experiences, every trip.



Brennan Basnicki