About this project:

The world has changed. We live in an intelligence economy, and the most critical success factor for organisations of all kinds is information (and how they use it to their advantage). Also, everything that matters for a business is geographical, being it a sale or an order, a customer's household, the location of a store, a website visit from someone holding a mobile phone in the middle of the street or the distribution network for your products. Yet only 23% of organizations use geospatial and location intelligence in their businesses.

A map is a (very) good idea! It's beautiful and intuitive, great to analyse data, create knowledge and communicate insights. And it’s also fun and useful - It brings people together around questions, giving them a common framework to discuss interpretations, hypothesis and make better decisions. Our mission is to add value to medium and large businesses with maps, harnessing the power of spatial information to tackle your challenges and leverage business results.

Mapidea Enterprise SaaS is a self-service platform that makes location an active dimension of analysis, allowing anyone in your organisation to easily use the power of location Intelligence to collaboratively create data and unlock insights, increasing customer acquisition and retention, reducing costs, optimizing operations and sales forces and generally achieving better business performance by making better decisions. All this at a fraction of the cost of established (and inadequate) location analytics solutions, with a subscription, no-capex model.

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Miguel Marques

Eduardo Ramos

Pedro Moura