About this project:

What is Liquid?

Liquid is a software analytics service that helps smartphone app developers, product owners and marketers deploy game-changing personalisation for individual users in real-time, without rewriting their apps.

By segmenting app users according to either demographic or app usage characteristics, app owners can serve targeted messaging (including design and content) that will move customers along the mobile monetisation journey. For instance, app owners can serve content designed to increase user engagement or to introduce highly-engaged users to premium purchases.

What was the impetus for founding Liquid?

Liquid has been created to address specific problems and opportunities in the digital industry; The mobile app market has moved from paid apps to free apps containing in-app purchases, ads and affiliation links. Meanwhile, growing consumer willingness to pay for in-app goods offers a tremendous new opportunity.

But all these prospects depend on understanding the many different types of users now using free apps, and using that data effectively to encourage premium custom from free users. Having searched for just such a tool themselves for their own app business, Liquid’s founders discovered no service on the market to help app owners in this quest – so they decided to make one themselves.

What is different about Liquid?

Liquid combines analytics and personalisation in a single, one-stop-shop suite, designed specifically for app developers, product owners and marketing professionals. Liquid can show app owners all of their users’ profiles, events and sessions in copious detail, including across multiple devices.

Some suites provide app usage analytics – but Liquid closes the loop, responding to learnings by inserting personalised content back in to apps. Liquid platform gives publishers the flexibility to keep changing their apps according to their goals and user needs without delay.