About this project:

Nowadays, surveillance cameras infrastructure is very inefficient. After 20 minutes, security teams lose 95% of the incidents due to fatigue and natural limitations. This problem affects any facility that relies on such infrastructure.

Heptasense is disrupting the security market by adding a layer of intelligence to current cameras. It is a software platform that connects to any camera to recognize people and object behaviors and provide alerts and statistics in real-time.

Companies are using Heptasense in three areas:

- shoplifting detection in retail stores, by recognizing multiple types of suspicious behaviors from customers, to alert the security teams in real-time. Other business intelligence for retailers include people counting, heatmaps and costumer journey;

- digitization of factories environment, by capturing all the processes (tasks, time they were executed, quality control) so companies could optimize their logistics. Safety compliance are also detected such as workers not using helmets or working with bad postures for long periods of time;

- roads management, such as detection of car accidents and other threats on the roads, so operational teams could be alerted on time, and mitigate the consequences.


Ricardo Santos

Mauro Peixe




TechStartup Lisboa