Learninghubz is looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist

About us:
Learninghubz was founded by three experienced professionals from the corporate world. In recent years they observed that training was somehow broken in most companies: not engaging, not flexible, time consuming, insufficient and expensive, holding back employee development and business growth; They decided to address this problem and started Learninghubz.

At Learninghubz we believe that world class business management training should be accessible to each individual in every company. Learning should be a habit deeply integrated in the routines of all employees and in your company's culture as a whole.

Our platform and curation process brings together the best business management online training (through short videos and online courses) with your internally produced video training, in an engaging, social and fully customizable web application that addresses your company's business priorities and training objectives.

About the role:
We’re looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist, to increase awareness and interest for the Learninghubz solution in the B2B market in Portugal.

Please send your CV and cover letter to pcsantos@learninghubz.com

Learning is changing. It's becoming learner-driven, digital and video-based. Learninghubz helps organizations deliver a new and engaging workplace learning experience. Our mission is to help your organization accomplish this goal and you can be an important part of it.