Invisible City is looking for a EU Policy Researcher Intern

About us:
Invisible City is a non-profit with a vision to help more people choose performing arts as a professional career. Our mission is to help emerging artists book gigs easily, perform more and get paid fairly. We also help people spend their free time meaningfully through our gig-listing app. We are a small and agile team that loves transforming ideas into products. This internship is a mini-university: you'll learn by running real projects and by solving real pains.

What we stand for:
At Invisible City we believe in the absolute privacy of personal data, minimalism and zero single-use plastic. We know we are lucky to be working in the cultural sector - one of the few industries of the 21st century that won’t be replaced by AI.

We hate micromanagement with passion. In fact, it is the CEO who makes the coffee. We'll encourage you to own projects, to stay self-organised and to spend your free time acquiring new skills. Your growth is what defines our success.

We are part of StartUp Lisboa - one of the best startup incubators in Portugal. We'll encourage you to attend its workshops, mentoring sessions and - of course - parties.

This internship is not paid: however, we are proud to acknowledge that the absolute majority of our past volunteers got a well-paying job right after.

How we roll:
Our office is located in a private home in central Lisbon, with a secret exit to the roof from where you can watch the city unfold. We have a well-equipped kitchen where we make tea and coffee, squeeze fresh juice and, occasionally, cook. We expect you to work from 10.00 to 14.00, Monday to Thursday. Fridays are reserved for independent work and study. We care about things being done: it is up to you if you want to come to the office or work remote via Slack + Trello.

What is expected of you?

  • You will research EU policies on non-profit legislation

  • You will research numerous national legislations on non-profit issues

  • You will research and help apply for grants and funding


  • Your written English is superbly creative

  • You actually get a kick out of researching legislation

  • Demystifying and deconstructing are you secret passions

Selection process:
Our selection process consists of three stages:

  1. Self-Assessment

  2. Remote test

  3. In-person interview.

Invisible City will provide feedback to each applicant after each selection process stage.

Guidelines for application:
Please do not be afraid to say you do not know something, it is ok.

Apply here