Why we founded Jogabo


Today, we’re excited to unveil our new vision and share with you some insights into the company and why we started this adventure.  

Soccer is the world’s game. Played in every conceivable way, in every corner of the globe — from the Peladas of the Rio favelas, the Futsal games on the Tokyo rooftops, all the way to the New York turf pick-ups — the game is simply all around us. Yet we don’t always know where to find it.

Adidas futsal park -SHIBUYA, TOKYO

Adidas futsal park -SHIBUYA, TOKYO

Over the last two years, we’ve been obsessed with reimagining the experience of playing soccer. What if you could share the joy of that hat-trick from your regular Tuesday game with your soccer friends back home?Or if you could play the beautiful game in any city with people you might not know but with whom you feel a sense of belonging? Every game would count. The world would be your soccer field.

What really gets us excited about Jogabo is its potential to unleash the power soccer has to change the world. The power it has to inspire. The power it has to unite people in a way that little else does.



“I hadn’t played soccer in 6 years. Now I play 3 times a week and meet new people all the time.” — Delian Asparouhov

Most amazingly, we’ve witnessed social integration happen right here in San Francisco — games in which homeless players from Street Soccer USA played alongside foreign students and tech entrepreneurs. And this is only the beginning…


We’re building Jogabo as a different kind of tech company. We believe in growing our business in a way that is meaningful to us and our community. We live, breathe football. Our aim is embody what it means to “joga bonito”, two words that literally mean “to play beautiful”. A style of play and conduct characterized by joy, heart, honor, pride, elegance, humility, respect and teamwork.

We are humbled to share this amazing journey with you, and are excited to see where you will help us take it. The game is everywhere. It’s played by everyone. Now, go find it. No matter where you are. No matter who you’re with. Whenever you play, we invite you to play with us.

Never stop playing.

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