What is a ‘pre-accelerator’ anyway? A primer to get you up to speed


In the world of startups, the term ‘pre-acceleration’ is becoming prevalent. But what does it mean? A new white paper aims to help people better understand what ‘pre-accelerators’ are, and why they exist.  

You wouldn’t be the first to get a little confused by the term ‘pre-acceleration’.

Mushrooming across Europe, pre-accelerator programmes essentially cater to people with ideas (or not even that yet) who are gearing up to join a ‘proper’ startup accelerator such as Y Combinator or Techstars, or for an early product launch – but aren’t quite ready yet.

With today’s news that renowned seed fund and startup accelerator 500 Startups is in the midst of setting up such a pre-accelerator in Oslo, Norway, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight this relevant white paper by our friends from Startup Pirates and Tetuan Valley.

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The white paper on pre-acceleration is an outcome of the recent inaugural Pre-Acceleration Summit held in Porto, Portugal. Organisations who participated in the pow-wow includeNUMA (France), ZIP (Croatia), iMinds (Belgium), Beta-i (Portugal), SuperFounders(Macedonia), among others.

It explains what a ‘pre-accelerator’ is supposed to be, its goals and challenges, business model(s) and what its future is poised to look like. Check it out below or on Slideshare:

(Pre) Accelerate towards the future!from Startup Pirates

(Full disclosure: Tech.eu is part of a consortium that aims to better understand failure in the context of European entrepreneurship – as are NUMA, ZIP, Tetuan Valley and Beta-i).

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