The Top 10 Websites you should have a look if you want to Invest!


Everyone that goes regularly online and uses the internet on a daily basis, has an "online routine". For example, you like to be informed, so you read news every morning. If you want to read the news you login to that specific website that you normally go to. This happens because you are already familiar with the layout, you consider that there is enough information, you know what to search and you easily find what you want.  

Regarding stock market and investment information, the scenario is similar. People that invest in the market tend to have their routines, pick up information and learn about how to invest off a "grid" that they consider useful.

When you want to gather information, learn about stock markets or get insights on the investment world, there are certain websites that everyone knows and is familiar with. On the first half of our list you can find the most common and well known websites.

1. The Street - This news based website has an excellent source of news, especially tailored at the professional but also at the amateur trader, and can be very useful as it draws concrete conclusions from the news they post.

2. Bloomberg - This website does not require any introductions; it is the standard news and trading informationsource of professional traders worldwide, but it also tailors well at the beginner who needs a solid source of news to help his decision-making. Bonus: do check theBloomberg Markets website and magazine for Economist-like articles and chronicles.

3. Wall Street Journal - The standard New York based newspaper has an excellent online version that, like "The Street", draws excellent conclusions from the news it posts.

4. Reuters - This is Bloomberg's most fierce competitor. It actually started before Bloomberg, and is claimed by many to have superior quality in terms of the information it posts, so it is definitely worth keeping on your favourites.

5. Financial Times - The London-based newspaper is the best European source of news and is a strong andopinionated newspaper. The online version is excellent and draws attention to news from all over the world in avery fast website.

6. CNN Money - CNN is the most widespread US news channel and brand, and it's Money version is an excellentsource of news for the beginner investor, translating complex news into common terms that you can easily understand.

7. CNBC - Along with Bloomberg, it is the go to TV channel when it comes to stock market news. Its' shows include the famous Jim Cramer, and its' website is tailored on exactly the same format. Some consider it toomuch of a "show" rather than a news website, but the news it reports are backed by a solid group of respectedjournalists.

8. Yahoo Finance - Yahoo's Finance division is one of its' the flagship products. It is an excellent source ofquotes, graphs, historical data and news on the market. For the more enthusiastic, you can even connect your Excel spreadsheets onto it so that you get up to date information directly.

9. FinViz - This website starts getting into the most technical part of the markets. Here you can do filters on thetype of stock you are looking for, analyse heat-maps to understand how stocks compare within an industry, anduse it as an excellent source if you are looking for the next big stock, whether you use fundamental or technical indicators.

10. BarChart - Again, more on the hardcore part of the market analysis, Barchart is a great alternative to FinViz. It provides excellent filters, market setups to help you make a decision and has a very easy interface. Definitely worth taking a look and even subscribing to some of the newsletters.

In these you will find a vast content of market information, news of the investment world, quotations and analysis in what you should invest at the present time. It is common for people that are still learning about how to invest to feel slightly "lost" in the amount of information displayed - the best advice we can give is to make it a habit to visit one of these every morning, and soon you'll be up to par on what all the terms mean.

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