Launch in Lisbon: everything you need to know about how to set up your life & business in Lisbon.


Lisbon is on the radar internationally and we acknowledge that. However, if you are a foreign entrepreneur that is interested in Lisbon to launch your business, you might feel a little lost in all the information that you need to know. Do not worry, you are not the only one.
Based on many emails we received, conversations we had with many entrepreneurs and potential clients on how to set up a business and life in Lisbon, we had this hunch that there needs to be something done. After all, one of our aims as Startup Lisboa is to help the Lisbon startup ecosystem be more inclusive and better structured.

We came up with the idea of Launch in Lisbon hoping to ease the pain of these people. Although it seemed like a good idea, we still had to test it to see if it would fit the needs.
We initiated Launch in Lisbon this autumn to help foreign entrepreneurs, companies and investors develop their businesses. The challenge we set up for ourselves and for our participants was to cover everything they need to know on how to set up a life and business in Lisbon in a short span of time (3 days).

The first “Launch in Lisbon” proved we're on the right track
The first edition was held between the dates November 2nd-4th, 2017 on the eve of the Web Summit, with the participation of a diverse group of 15 entrepreneurs, coming from all over the world, including USA, France, Brazil and Israel. We received positive feedback from the participants, many of them stating that they have a better understanding of the Portuguese legal and tax framework. We heard statements like “We are so glad that we did this!”, “This programme made complex information simple!”, “I feel like I gained 6 months of work only in three days!”. 
In fact, 80 percent of the participants said that they have changed the next steps that they were going to take in order to have a better structured business in Portugal. Participants were also very pleased with the high quality of the experts providing workshops and the networking opportunities they had during the programme. According to them the content was “super rich” and they felt like they are a part of the Startup Ecosystem in Lisbon and toured “super cool” places that they never would be able to do themselves.
Hearing these statements, we are pleased to say that the first edition was a success and second edition is on its way.

How to participate:
Following the success of the first edition, the next Launch in Lisbon will take place between the dates February 7th-9th, 2018. The deadline for application is January 25th and can be done through:
The cost of the program is €375 (VAT exclusive) per participant.
Please check the website for further information or contact

Launch in Lisbon in a glimpse:
Launch in Lisbon is a 3-day soft-landing programme tailored for foreign entrepreneurs. The programme includes intensive workshops on incorporation of a company according to Portuguese Laws, fundamentals of corporate and personal tax, labor laws and talent recruitment all held in English.
Obtaining grants and subsidies, the real estate market, networking events, an entrepreneurial ecosystem tour and visits to incubators and accelerators are also a part of the programme.
The workshops are provided by the expertise partners PLMJ Law Firm, Moss & Cooper Consulting, Hays Recruitment Company, Deloitte and HomeLovers (one of the alumni of Startup Lisboa).  


Elif Yıldırım
Startup Lisboa Team