Maud's diary, a dutch girl in Lisbon: "Saudade"

You meet her on a sunny day. Sparkling amidst of a summer breeze, proudly standing tall against the background of a perfect blue sky. In every corner you will find new majestic adventures. Enchanted by her beauty and authenticity, wondering what makes her so special. You just connect. Like you never experienced before. The laughter, the energy, the music that embraces her, and how she can look great on the foggiest days. Full of life, opening doors and welcoming to everyone. It feels incredible. Although there might be many more, this one is yours. 

Lisbon, you have had me hooked from the first day I met you. Now I am walking around Aeroporto da Portela, starting to understand the real definition of saudade. They say never make a home out of your lover. But to hell with that. Home is where the heart is. And mine got stuck in Lisbon. So let this not be a goodbye, but a see you later. In spring, when the flowers get their colors and people turn their frowns into smiles, I will return to stay. This book did not close yet. There are still so many people to meet, streets to discover and bacalhau recipes to taste. The story is not ending, I have the feeling this is just the beginning of a whole new adventure.


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About Maud:

Maud is temporarily living in Lisbon - she is the project manager of a Dutch startup and is finishing up her Master in International Relations. Tired of the cold winter in Amsterdam, she decided to soak up some sun and enjoy life in Lisbon for a while. In this blog you read all about her impressions of the city and life at Start Up Lisboa'.

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