Maud's diary, a dutch girl in Lisbon: "Get this party started!"

Scrolling through my Facebook Timeline I noticed a pattern last week. The content creation of Startup Lisboa was booming. Live videos, pictures, status updates and news articles; all was shared. And this was not just because the communication department was bored. Soon, it became clear to me that Startup Lisboa was founded five years ago. The festive mood could be felt everywhere around Startup Lisboa, both online and offline. As the Dutch say, I fell with my nose into the butter – yes this is really an expression. Google it. 

Thursday arrived, the day of the 5-year anniversary party of Startup Lisboa. Where as I first planned to just have a drink with a new friend I found in the elevator, this soon turned into a diner with more than 20 people. When looking for the restaurant, it was not hard to tell where this crowd was hiding. From far away loud laughter and lively discussions could be heard. When opening the door, it was almost like I entered one of those pasta commercials. A big table with a group of people enjoying wine, supper and each other’s company. The typical sunny garden setting I had to imagine along with it, but hey, the vibe was there. 

After finishing an amazing dorade I got to know four João’s, three Pedro’s and many more persons with less common Portuguese names. Each and everyone told me about their entrepreneurial adventures and vision on the start up life. Next to that, other important issues passed the table. For example, who gossip more, men or women? I can tell you, finding a cohesive answer was impossible. 

After we were all safely pushed into an Uber, I found myself at an industrial factory square. At least that is what it seemed like. I had seen LX Factory, but to be honest, the look there is more hipster than shabby. But here, the roughness was definitely there. Village Underground embraced us with a strong wind and while passing dodgy warehouses and tram rails we walked towards the party venue. 

There we found everybody, all-queued up, decorated with glitter hats and huge silly sunglasses. Although the line in front of the door disappointed our crew a bit, we were easily bribed with a good glass of whiskey. A warm welcome with some nineties music followed. The open bar and festive decoration triggered everyone’s dancing shoes. Flashbacks now return of hats full of popcorn, great music, massive balloons and some serious cocktails… It was a night to remember.

And for those who don’t really remember… - probably due to the open bar - not to worry. The live updates on Facebook were not only shared during daytime. Most likely all the crazy dance moves, and other things one would rather keep to their selves, can be found online. Because what is a party without a live stream nowadays? What a time to be alive. 

Startup Lisboa; Parabéns e muito obrigada por uma grande noite! 


About Maud:

Maud is temporarily living in Lisbon - she is the project manager of a Dutch startup and is finishing up her Master in International Relations. Tired of the cold winter in Amsterdam, she decided to soak up some sun and enjoy life in Lisbon for a while. In this blog you read all about her impressions of the city and life at Start Up Lisboa'.

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