How did we get here?


After being awarded with a €50.000 grant from the major pharmaceutical company, Bayer, we packed up our lives in a 20 kg suitcase, got on a plane in Lisbon and we are now living in Berlin.  

Everything is happening so fast, that I still need to take a step back and think: how did we get here?

It all started with an ideia. Diogo’s grandmother swapped a pill by accident, and he thought “There has to be a better solution than relying only on our memory to take the medicines”.

The first validation came in December, 2013, through an hackathon. Diogo won both the first prize and the audience prize with the ideia that would later become PharmAssistant. The team was assembled shortly after.

Competing with more than 400 candidates from 42 different countries, we got accepted at Lisbon Challenge acceleration program. By then, in May 2014, we wanted to know if we had just a cool ideia or a product that the market needed.

Three months later we:

- got in the Top3 of a batch of 30 startups;

- dealt with the media;

- got to know investors;

- received proposals from different stakeholders;

- expanded our amazing and talented team, and we found ourselves looking for a place to live in Berlin, since we were one of the five startups chosen by Bayer to join the Grants4Apps acceleration program.

So… how did we get here? I am still figuring that out and I am thrilled to know what “here” will mean in the months to come. From now on, we want you to join our journey.

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