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For a while I’ve been feeding my creativity and knowledge from all over the internet. I’ve sniffed out quotes from many places, stolen inspiration from amazing blogs and loved picking material from brilliant websites.  

With all this inspiration, I’ve decided to create this humble blog, to share the best and the worst about my day-to-day work life as a Head of Product in Faber Ventures in the hope it inspires others, as I too have been inspired.

This first blog post was something that I wrote a while ago after a long discussion about sources of inspiration with a couple of friends of mine. Below you will find a selection of the sites and resources that help me to grow and become better.

Thank you note for all the amazing people that write, speak and inspire from the following sources.

. Every single morning following my strong coffee i read the daily post on the pastry box project, this is why I can say this one deserves an highlight spot. As they say in their single line manifesto: “At the Pastry Box, we don’t have a blog. But we do have announcements and articles we’d like to collect in one single place”. Every single day an author shares his/her thoughts about anything and everything that they are into at that moment: life in general, technology – you name it. Every single morning i am surprised by the quality of the content they share.

. To get visually inspired, from time to time i just have a pick at It’s Nice That, DesignMilkSwiss Miss and Abduzeedo. As the first website states: “Championing creativity since 2007″. It’s an off-the-shelf collection of creative news and articles that will make your day a little harder if you are an artist, graphic designer or illustrator.

. Another interesting area for me as a product developer is the UX/Usability (I know its not the same thing, but lets just simplify it for this subject), so i often dedicate some of my time to reading articles from a couple of sources that have taught me a trick or two: A List Apart,Smashing Magazine and Bokardo.

. I need to be avid reader of TechcrunchThe Next WebWired,VentureBeatFastCompany, and Quartz. However for me there is only one place to get the best and freshest news in technology and business.Hacker News. Only here do I can get really surprised by technology articles and amazing business advice.

. Some of the best startup-ish content is written by startups (NO SHIT SHERLOCK). I make weekly visits to four startup blogs: Buffer,MailchimpKissmetrics and Intercom. The content of these blogs is made to drive traffic and conversion, so it can vary from great marketing insight articles to “the 10 best free image stock websites”. Anyway its very useful, most of the time.

. Personal blogs are another great source of inspiration and knowledge to me. Actually our first discussions about HOKO were generated after members of Faber’s team read one of Fred Wilson’s frequent blog posts at AVC. I would say that these are the blogs that make me visit feedly every single day: A VC by Fred Wilson, Seth Godin’s personal blogBoth Sides of the Table by Mark Suster, Steve Blank’s personal blogTom Tunguz’s amazing business insight blog and Tom Hulme’s personal blog. Unfortunately John Maeda doesn’t publish a blog but he has an amazing tinyletter called Design and VC , that you can sign here.

. Finally but most importantly i think its really important to run away from my world from time to time and to do so i usually search for a different type of inspiration by crawling for content in the most distant sources:The New YorkerFreundevonFreundenBrain PickingsMcSweeney and the great talks from Creative Mornings.

So I hope you like this list, added some good sources for your daily reading and if not please excuse me for wasting your time and please feel free to tweet some other sources that i should add to my daily readings.

Note: I heard this kids from Ship are dropping really good interviews with Portuguese Founders.

Thank you @clevercode and @ric0seq.

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