Upframe Pre-Acceleration Programme

Upframe aims to become a global reference and authority in pre-acceleration, shaping the next generation of entrepreneurs by building an immersive experience, focused on young aspiring startup builders.

We want to empower a generation of entrepreneurs with a critical mindset and tools to follow their dreams, connecting them to the people and institutions who will smooth their journey.

It's not our expectation that everyone who comes through our doors will already have a startup, but it is our expectation that by the time they finish with us, they know that a startup dream is possible and plausible.


With Startup Lisboa support, guidance and supervision, but still keeping our creative and organisational freedom, as well as with the help of our dedicated mentors, we designed an immersive and mentorship-driven, 6-week journey focused in solving problems worth solving. This mentorship-driven process will guide first-time entrepreneurs to get their idea to an early stage of development.
— Malik Piarali & Henrique Fialho, Founders of Upframe