About this project:

Sugarwise is a social data company. We develop a mobile application, which combines the information on the labels of packaged products to allow users to log their food intake easily and correctly. The nutritional intake of the user is compared to recommendations from EU entities, and deviations are visually highlighted to the user in order of severity. Foods to cut from or add to the diet are recommended based on these deviations. Users are able to upload to Sugarwise healthy alternatives that they buy and this information becomes available to other pan-European Sugarwise users.

This information includes price, name of the product, nutrition information and location – store and city, where it was bought. Gamification is used to motivate the users and provide feedback on progress. We are a team of 9 motivated by the same things – food and health, and united by the same goal – provide a reliable solution to guide healthy eating to the population. We care a lot about the WHY and here is ours:

Five chronic diseases –obesity, osteoporosis, some cancers, cardiovascular disease and diabetes type 2, cost 1.4 trillion euro to the healthcare systems of EU countries. 38% of this cost, or 544 billion euro, is preventable with an adequate diet and 96% of the chronically-ill in Europe wouldhavenotbeensick. The difficult challenge that

Europe and the world face is changing the citizens’ behavior to embrace a healthier diet and lifestyle, which significantly decrease chronic disease incidence. Sugarwise has the potential to save 1.1 trillion euro by 2060 and preserve the health of 360 million adults, now children. This is why Sugarwise exists.


Ekaterina Stambolieva


TechAna Santiago