GetSocial: Content and Marketing Strategist

About GetSocial
GetSocial is a startup based in Portugal. We already operate on our own profit and we are looking to make the next 12 months pivotal in growth.
Our software helps 700+ companies better understand how their audiences are engaging with content through dark social. It also helps them save time planning & maximize traffic from Social through smart automation.

About the Content Marketing Manager position
A proficient Content Marketing Manager will be responsible for inbound marketing strategies such as blogs, social media, and lead generation.
Content strategy, with the intent of attracting customers, will be a large part of this position.
Content developed needs to be fresh, up to date, and engaging for the customer. Best practices, content partnership ideas, and brand awareness will be part of your goals.

Content Marketing Manager responsibilities are:
- Generate strategic ideas to increase customer engagement and inbound leads.
- Analysis of web traffic metrics and optimization of content (SEO proficiency)
- Edit, proofread, improve, and deliver engaging content to the customer regularly
- Be outgoing! Inspire team members in unique ways to keep content fresh
- Achieve business targets through content marketing strategies
- Content Marketing Manager requirements are:
- English fluency (Our content is in English)
- Previous Experience in Content Marketing and Lead Generation
- Autonomous, Self-Driven, and Responsible by nature

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